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Welcome to We are the South Eastern Professional Photography Association. We have 48 members and we continue to grow each year. You can sign up to become a member as long as you are licensed photographer in the following states: Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee Lousiana and Virginia.

Photography Associations

If you are a member of a national association we might be a little different as we focus on the regional area. We have regional events and conduct bi-weekly webinars to help all of the members in our association to become better professional photographers. We can help with insurance as well as providing you the framework to succeed with sample contracts, legal forms and client checklists.

Association News

Below is the latest news on our association so please check back as we update it fairly often.

4Seppa Featured on the News

4Seppa was featured on the news the other day for being a professional photography associated in the south eastern United States. We appeared on a segment speaking about professional associations and were featured on channel 15 WBCN here in South Carolina. We were on right after another company that performed some internet reviews. The segment lasted about 3 and a half minutes and our spokesperson Mike Foster spoke about how came about and how it got started back in 1998. We will be uploading the commercial shortly so everyone can see.


Our spot was featured on channel 15 at 6:13pm on Saturday, February 8th. If you see us send us an email and let us know.

Professional Photography Tips

Check out this video on how to be a professional photographer. This is from Matt Granger. Hey guys. Today I want to talk to you about what it takes to be a successful professional photographer. Okay, the reality of it is that being talented and passionate isn’t enough. It’s a highly competitive market and you’re going to need more than just your desire to be a photographer to be a success as a professional photographer. Now, the way you define success with vary from person to person.

It could mean the respect of your peers, being well known, having a excellent lifestyle, but really what it comes down to as a professional photographer is are you making ends meet, are you making enough money, are you turning over enough and doing it regularly and at a level that you can forecast. That you can actually support your family and lifestyle with that income. Here are my top tips. more

Best Alarm System to Protect Your Photography Equipment

We received this article from a home security website that educates consumers on choosing the best security system. They wrote this article for us so if you are in the market to secure your home and especially your photography equipment (we all know how much that costs), please check them out.

It is necessary to consider the best security company for your photography equipment. It might look like a nonessential technology at home, but there are people who are looking for ways to acquire ease of mind about their family’s safety and security.

If you are that kind of person, acquiring the necessary details about a company and their security plans can assist in making a sound decision since there are many companies that you can choose from to avoid making a mistake. It is not advisable to make a decision on whim since your safety, property or even your life is on the line here and you wouldn’t want to bet them on a protection that might not work properly.

Choosing the best alarm system for your photography equipment is not that easy as you may think. There are a lot of things to consider in having a top notch system. One thing to consider is the types of monitoring services offered. The first type is the traditional way that uses landline monitoring. Most companies are still providing this basic service. The disadvantage of this is that since the wires are typically outside your home, a thief could easily cut it, disabling the communication between the system and the monitoring station.

The second type of monitoring service is through internet-based connections. The communication between the system and monitoring station uses an existing internet connection. Even though this is a new technology, it is not the best choice because like a landline, it also relies on wires found outside your home.

Based on researching home security systems reviews, the third and highly recommended type of monitoring is cellular-based connections. This system uses digital GSM connections, the same technology mobile phones use in order to communicate with the monitoring station. Combining a wireless security system and a cellular based monitoring will result in wire-free system that is free from any thief that can circumvent the system. Continue reading “Best Alarm System to Protect Your Photography Equipment” »